The world of brands must connect on a human level. It also needs to touch people in their own chosen media channels. Communication is becoming all-inclusive and universal. That’s why we are here. From the biggest brands, the fastest growing scale-ups to the most promising start-ups, Monkey Everywhere makes sure your voice is heard by creating content that is exclusive, impactful and has real credibility in people’s lives.


We are a full-service creative content agency that works exclusively on projects that make sense for the environment, have social impact, apply stakeholder value, and create meaning to your organization. In other words, credibility for all your communication, on all fronts.


Our team consists of the best and the brightest creatives, artists, designers and storytellers across the borders of the world and with knowledge of cultural values, meaning your message will be spread everywhere effectively.


Part of our unique approach is our focus on the people behind the brand. We provide personal storytelling that allow the identities of founders and leaders to shine, giving an even greater human face to your branding.


We choose to do projects that matter. For a better and more sustainable world of course. Yet also because we believe heart-felt communication has the best chance to go viral all over the globe.


We work and collaborate with bright minds all over the world to support them and make their work meaningful and visible. This means we can help brands to create out-of-the-box projects by involving a team that cares and wants to make a difference. We create with passion, adding value to every step of your project.


With our vast experience in reaching the press, teaming up with influencers and creating brand awareness among specialized media channels, we provide value that goes beyond advertising and create messaging that touches the hearts of customers everywhere.


We charge only for results and are completely transparent. We set committed goals and deliverables with our clients in the early stage of a project, so you know exactly what you are getting.