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We are an international team of professionals based in Amsterdam with over a decade of experience in brand development, new business development, digital strategy and Public Relations. We partner with best creatives, IT gurus and marketeers in the US, China, Russia and Europe.

Our virtual team help established companies to move from the substance of digital from value chains to networks and ecosystem, creating and executing strategies which take ideas from inception to reality and multi-figure transactions.


Our services.

Public relations

  • A success is all about your ability to tell your story in the right way, in the right place to the right audience.
  • We are storytellers who manage media relations in four continents. We own many methods for generating media interest and press coverage.
  • We don’t wait for news or events, we create them with ranking, surveys, and viral headlines.

Digital Strategy

Development and execution of digital marketing campaigns. Independent advice and creative input on existing or past digital campaigns. Our role is to provide insight and add value to the execution of your digital marketing activities.

Web Site Design

Are you looking for a modern, responsive, secure website that will perform well for both SEO and sales conversion purposes? Then talk to us.

  • User-focused design
  • Responsive designs
  • Interactive animation
  • Technical support

Influencer marketing

  • We have a wide-ranging influencer networks which allow us to find the perfect matches for your brand.
  • We ensure your brand is talked about by bloggers, vloggers, experts, and celebrities using native and creative scenario.
  • Our focus is to grow loyal fans through organic outreach and engagement such as cross-collaborations with other brands, unique content, and barter deals, achieving ROI way greater than what can be achieved with paid outreach.


  • We create and execute a clear social media strategy to build a long-term presence of your brand in the digital sphere.
  • We believe in multichannel storytelling that allows companies to tell a cohesive story across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (and LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest if needed).
  • Our designers, animators, and copyrighters make a powerful content plan to differentiate your brand from others. We put in daily work to grow followers via different tactics such as influencer nurturing, strategic content following and social engagement and focus on the simple actions that accelerate sharing.

Our clients.

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