Our work for Electrolux — producer and a sustainability leader in the appliance industry — is focused on making the brand more visible and highlighting their continuous efforts to not only make their products more environmentally friendly but also change consumer habits towards sustainability. This creates trust and awareness for both the environment and the brand at the same time. The work includes customized PR campaigns, special events, digital activations, influence marketing, design works and internal communication among thousands of employees.


Forbo Flooring Systems is a global supplier of floor covering with over 150 years of experience in the field and a focus on sustainability and design. Our main goal is to turn this sizeable organization into a cooler brand and integrate it in the mind of the consumer as a leader of the industry with sustainability approach. We do this through an ongoing PR campaigns and social media. We inspire bloggers to highlight the ecological focus of the product with manufacturing trips to show how the product is created. So far we’ve reached about 350 publications in 3 years and have organized events for almost 400 designers and architects to promote the brand and it’s products. 


Vasky is truly sustainable and meaningful detergent with 3 natural ingredients at its heart. The creators approached us with their unique formula and a passion to change laundry habits for the better. Our team then created a brand story, naming, logo, visual identity, as well as a social media and communication strategy. All activations are based on a research-driven deep dive into both the current market and laundry behavior of consumers, including focus groups, try-outs, feedback-based re-designs and even training sessions to show how incredibly well the brand works against odors. All of that is just the start of our exciting collaboration.


Universal Colors a Denmark based manufacturer focused on creating sustainable inks for textile brands and fashion industry since 1977. Monkey Everywhere was responsible for rebranding and helped create a new vision and identity for Universal Colors to reflect a modern and innovative company. This included freshening up the brand identity, creating a communication strategy, launching a new website and producing all new brand materials. We keep supporting Universal Colors with PR and Marketing services to build visibility and trust in its field.


When assessing the sustainability of textiles, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the entire product cycle – including the behavior at the end of its useful life. TAO eco is water-based ink that is biologically degradable by microorganisms at the end of the product life cycle. Our team is responsible for developing a brand identity, brand platform, communication strategy and PR launch for TAO eco.


We have a number of different clients in the financial sector — from established big banks to Fintech startups across the globe — that cover a wide variety of financial services. We understand the sector well and have worked on projects creating meaningful PR, Content creation and IT support, with a novel and inspiring approach that brings great results. 

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